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Okamoto Platinum - 10 Pcs

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Brief description :

  • Made of Sheerlon material (softer than regular latex).
  • No latex scent.
  • 0.03 mm Thickness from tip to base.
  • Easy to use, “Easy Unrolling”.
  • Thinner than other condom products.
  • Tested and renowned as the best condom in Japan


In Japanese culture, nothing is more important than efficiency and performance. With that in mind, we’ve created the first of our 003 range – the Okamoto 003 Platinum. This condom sets the benchmark for the rest in its category. At only half the thickness of normal latex condoms, it also unrolls smoother. Coupled with the fact that it has no rubber smell, you’ll never be disappointed when you go platinum.

003 PLATINUM is the Thinnest Latex Condom and the average thickness as the name implies is only 0.03mm giving your partner an incomparable pleasure because it feels like not wearing a condom. Coupled with the latest "easy rolling" technology for easier use.

With guaranteed material quality, this premium condom has become the best-selling products.

Detailed Specs

Color : Natural
Shape : Reservoir-ended
Nominal Width : 52 ± 2mm
Normal Length : 180 ± 10mm
Box Weight : 0.04 kg
Contains : 10 pcs
Made in : Japan to ISO 4074:2002 standards and tested with precise electrostatic technology.
AKL RI : 21105012427

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