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Okamoto Cool - 10 Pcs

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Brief description :

  • Made of Sheerlon material (softer than regular latex).
  • Unscented.
  • 0.03 mm Thickness from tip to base.
  • Menthol Lubricant on the inside and outside.
  • Thinner than other condom products.
  • Tested and renowned as the best condom in Japan


Who says love making always has to be HOT? Try a new COOL experience with Okamoto 003 Cool! With the addition of menthol lubricant that is applied to both inside and outside the condom, the cooling feature gives different tactile impressions to enhance the feelings and pleasure for you and your partner. Trust the Japanese to come up with ingenious ways to spicing up intimate moments and keeping mundane life interesting.

Detailed Specs

Color : Natural
Shape : Reservoir-ended
Nominal Width : 52  2mm
Normal Length : 180  10mm
Box Weight : 0.04 kg
Contains : 10 pcs
Made in : Japan to ISO 4074:2002 standards and tested with precise electrostatic technology.
AKL RI : 21104023364

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