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Okamoto Harmony - 10 Pcs

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Brief description :

  • Made of Sheerlon material (softer than regular latex)
  • Unscented
  • Contoured
  • Tested and renowned as the best condom in Japan


There’s an old Japanese saying, "Isseki Nicho", "一石二鳥". Which means, “To kill two birds with one stone.” It’s why we’ve designed our Okamoto Harmony Vibra Ribbed condoms with row after row of stimulating ribs. This doubles the friction for maximum intensity.

It’s for you. It’s also for your partner. It’s time to get busy.

HARMONY is designed with unique row of ribs stimulation called "Vibra(ting) Ribbed" which maximizes friction during intercourse and creates "Harmony" between you and your partner.

The contoured shape of HARMONY takes your enjoyment to the next level.

Detailed Specs

Color : Coloured
Shape : Reservoir-ended
Nominal Width : 52 ± 2mm
Normal Length : 185 ± 7mm
Box Weight : 0.04 kg
Contains : 10 pcs
Made in : Japan to ISO 4074:2002 standards and tested with precise electrostatic technology.
AKL RI : 21104811893

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