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Okamoto Crown - 10 Pcs

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Brief description :

  • Made of Sheerlon material (softer than regular latex).
  • No latex scent.
  • Thinner than other standard condom products.
  • Tested and renowned as the best condom in Japan


Godzilla may be King of the Monsters but when it comes to condoms we’ve got our own king. Okamoto Crown has been voted “World’s Best Condom” for 10 years running by and justifiably so.
These pink-tinted condoms provide that “bareback” feeling while being super strong and safe. And why not? They’ve been tried and tested and in the most active sexual environment – the adult movie industry.

We’ve also removed the smell of rubbery latex completely from our Okamoto Crown condoms. Now, you can go from first base to home run without losing your “rising sun”.

CROWN is Okamoto product and represents all products that carry the thinnest in its class. CROWN is softer and thinner than other standard condom products.

CROWN has been voted the “World's Best Condom” by Condom Depot for 9 consecutive years.


Detailed Specs

Color : Coloured
Shape : Reservoir-ended
Nominal Width : 52 ± 2mm
Normal Length : 177 ± 7mm
Box Weight : 0.04 kg
contains : 10 pcs
Made in : Japan to ISO 4074:2002 standards and tested with precise electrostatic technology.
AKL RI : 21104811892

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