The Rarely Known Fantasy of Women During Sex

June, 01 2021 in Love Her

Not only men who have fantasies about how to make love, it turns out women too. It could be a more romantic or even wilder fantasy. Let's get to know some women's fantasies during sex that are rarely known.

Making love in an unusual place

If you think your partner loves making love in a luxurious hotel room decorated with passionate decorations, then maybe he is, he could be wrong. Some women actually fantasize about making love in unusual places. For example, in a swimming pool, by the beach, in a tent during camping, and so on. It can also be as simple as doing it in the office toilet, when you pick him up from work.

Become the dominant

This is a fantasy that may not only be imagined by women, but also some men, maybe even you. During this time, you may dominate the process of making love when with your partner, even though in the end you and he both feel satisfied. Not a few women who fantasize about dominating the process of making love, even to the point where you seem to bend your knees in front of him.

With a different partner

Eits ... do not immediately get me wrong if you know your partner fantasizes about making love to other people. This could be a stimulant for him to enjoy the game. It is not uncommon for women to imagine making love with the characters they idolize, such as movie players, singers, and others. You don't need to worry, because when your partner is near you, he will always be yours.

Trying a wild style

Your partner may feel okay with the missionary style you two are accustomed to, but his fantasies are definitely wilder than that. It could be that he imagines longer foreplay, changing sex positions in one game, maybe even oral, which he has been reluctant to do so far.

With toys or sex aids

You don't have to do it alone, even when making love with your partner, women can imagine adding stimulants to using toys or sex toys. The fantasy of a woman like this must be very wild because she can imagine anything with the love aids that are in her fantasy.

Those are some of the fantasies of women during sex that are rarely known. But, now you know right? Try to find opportunities to communicate with your partner and find out what his wildest fantasies are.