Pssstt! These Are Four Sex Positions That Blow Her Mind

June, 01 2021 in Love Her

Are you ready to make love? Wait! Before making love, let's find out the best sex positions women love the most. So, your woman can enjoy and get more pleasure in bed.


Most women agree that the face-off position is their most favorite sex position. It is easy to do. You just simply need to sit face-to-face to your woman on a chair or the edge of your bed and let her sit on your lap facing you. Don't forget to hug your loved one to deepen your intimate connection with her. For women, this position is actually much more beneficial because she can control her penetration when facing each other.

Over the edge

If you want to pleasure your partner’s G-spot, this sex position is the answer. Forget all the old school steps. Now, you can simply do it on a chair or the edge of a table. Penetrate her and lift her legs up onto your back to maximize her wonderful pleasure.


The G-Whiz position gives your partner more enjoyment and pleasure. This position is a variation of the missionary position, but the difference is your woman's feet are on your shoulder. Giving a little move to front makes super deep penetration. Then, you can easily hit her G-Spot. Do it more slowly and rhythmically to reach the perfect climax.

Doggy style

It is not only you who will enjoy this sex position, but also your partner. Now, let your partner relax during intercourse by laying down on her head and breast on a bed or another comfortable surface. Kneel behind her back part to easily hit her G-Spot. To double your loved one's pleasure, you can play your fingers on her chest, thigh, and her clitoris. It is sure you would enjoy it, wouldn't you?