The Best Fruits for Great Sex

June, 01 2021 in Love Yourself

Do you want to have good quality sex? You have to choose the right fruits to help maintain your health and sexual performance. As you know, not all the fruits you consume have the same benefits. Here are the following fruits that help increase your performance in the bedroom.


For men, sexual desire is the most important thing before making love. There are many steps to boost your libido, like consuming avocado. The fruit called testicle tree by Aztec ethnic group has powerful beneficial effects on health and sex. Avocado is a good source of folic acid, potassium, and vitamin B that help the heart beat and also help the blood system continuously transport substances to body tissues. Let's try to consume two avocados a week and feel the sensation!


One of the most sexual fears that men bear is fear of sexual dysfunction. When you get in the mood for intercourse, you do not want sexual dysfunction to be an obstacle, right? To avoid that situation, you can consume fruit berries.

There are different kinds of berries. Strawberry and raspberry are the two kinds of berries that can overcome erectile dysfunction. These berries are composed of vitamin C that helps stimulate hormone production and vitamin B that is known for increasing sperm volume.


When it comes to having great sex, you must want to try new sex positions to prevent you from having boring sex. However, before trying new sex positions, it would be better to consume pomegranate to enjoy more fulfilling sex. Pomegranate helps you improve and relax blood circulation as viagra does. Therefore, pomegranate can give you a brain orgasm and boost your sexual desire. Are you sure you still need viagra?


Have you ever felt cramping during and after sex? Banana can be the solution. As pomegranate can prevent pins and needles, banana can help prevent you from muscle cramps. Besides of its unique appearance that triggers women's sexual fantasy, it contains of a rich source of potassium that is good for your muscles. Although banana cannot relieve cramps instantly, but it can help you improve muscle function to give you the best way to have best sex experience.

Besides of paying attention to your eating habits, you also need to stay in a good mood all the time to increase your sex desire. Let's do it!