Making Love Can Improve Memory

June, 01 2021 in Love Yourself

As you get older, the term 'forgetting' becomes something that must be tolerated. However, there are also some people who care about this and do many things for a better memory.

The methods taken include taking intelligence tests, playing games that sharpen the brain, reading a lot, or consuming foods and supplements that are good for brain development. However, did you know that sex can improve memory?

A study launched from Womans Day in November 2016 in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, they found that making love can improve a person's memory.

Researchers found an association between making love with good memory, especially supported by verbal recognition. In addition, women who often get penetration during sex show signs of better oral memory than when they are busy satisfying their partners.

By doing frequent sex activities coupled with adjusting a healthy diet, it can have a good impact on the ability to remember your partner.

Whereas what we often know is that things that smell like sex like watching porn can actually cause cell damage in the brain. However, research conducted at McGill University, Canada shows that sex improves memory and is able to restore memories that were previously lost due to stress.

Then, how does sex improve memory?

  1. Sex is a part of sport. If you often do regular exercise, it will have an impact on improving your memory.
  2. Decreased levels of stress and depression. During sex, the body encourages the release of endorphins. This hormone works to reduce stress. Various studies say, when we are not stressed it makes our memory better.
  3. Sex can help the brain to produce neuron cells that function to maintain memory. So it's true that sex is a memory booster and you need mental exercise or some other brain teaser to keep those cells alive.

So, if now you still often forget to do sex with your partner! #GetUsCloser