Tips for Making Love on Special Days

June, 01 2021 in Love Life

There are many special days that you can use to create romantic moments with your partner, such as Valentine's, wedding days, and so on. You can plan a fun vacation, enjoy quality time together, and try things that you two haven't done before. Including enjoying the moment of making love full of romance that is hard to forget on a special day.

To make it more memorable, you can plan your sex moments with your partner well, including:

Not only in the room

On a special day, of course, there are many things you can try together with your partner, including making love in unusual places. Instead of just enjoying it in the room, you and your partner can try other places such as the kitchen, living room, or even in the bathroom. If you plan this, you can make supporting decorations that your partner will definitely like.

Enjoy foreplay

Making love is not just penetration, but there are many new things that you can explore. One of them is enjoying foreplay longer than usual. While enjoying a special day, you and your partner can enjoy a longer time so there is no need to rush when making love. Did you know, it turns out that women enjoy longer foreplay more, you know!

Trying new positions

If all this time the sex position that you and your partner do that's all, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a special day with a special position too. Don't hesitate to discuss this with your partner to try new positions to feel comfortable together. The more comfortable, the more enjoy the end.

Don't be too late

While you are enjoying a special day, you can make love with your partner at an unusual time too. No need to wait too late to enjoy the moment with your partner. Precisely by arranging a good sex time, you don't need to feel tired the next day, so you can enjoy a special day with a pleasant and refreshing feeling.

Those are some things that you can consider when planning a special day with your partner so you can enjoy extraordinary lovemaking moments. So, what plans are you going to make next?