Sex Style Based on the Zodiac

June, 01 2021 in Love Life

Not a few couples feel closeness because of the compatibility of the zodiac. They can share many things that they think are the same because they match their zodiac personality. No exception based on the zodiac style of love. Let's see if you and your partner have a match like the following?


You tend to be to-the-point in many ways. But this doesn't mean you aren't romantic. You just want to do things quickly and precisely, including making love. The style for making love that is right for you is Standing Position, even if you really can't wait long to get closer to your partner.


As a fairly romantic person, you like things to be relaxed, slow, but sensual. You enjoy every touch with your partner and can spend a long time for foreplay. As a suggestion, try googling "Tantric Position", then try it with your partner.


Your emotional side plays a big role in maintaining the intimacy of the relationship. You like to do simple things, like eye contact, hold hands, and so on, thereby increasing your closeness to your partner. If you are a Cancer sign, don't bother looking for the right sex position, just light a few candles and then play some love songs to create a romantic lovemaking atmosphere.


Don't take it personally if your partner calls you overly "overpowering", because that's the dominant side you have. In addition, you are among those who like to explore new things, including making love. You are not only talking about style and position but also how skilled at exploring new love experiences with your partner, so that whatever you want, he will love it.


Kama Sutra, is the main inspiration you are looking for sex positions. Because you really like every position that is guaranteed to bring you closer to your partner, then you will definitely like and want to try whatever is exemplified in the kama sutra.


You are among those who highly value win-win solutions when you are with your partner. This kind of approach suits you so well that whatever style your partner wants, you'll enjoy it too. Balanced, that's a word that represents you. A little advice, try to use "toys" that can be enjoyed by your partner, and you too.


As a passionate person, you always crave closeness with your partner. It's kind of like a magnet that keeps you close at hand, but you don't want to sound cliche and want a little bit of a challenge. Have you ever tried to imitate your favorite moves from a “movie” scene that you and your partner have watched? If not, this is it.


You are a person who really likes variety, so the moments of making love that you like are not only different styles and positions but also places, situations and conditions. You definitely like challenging things like making love outside the room, or even in a narrow time. If you want, try surprising your partner during work hours to do a Quickie.


You seem to be someone with a pretty attractive personality, because you like things a little "rough". Do not hesitate, we recommend trying to use "handcuffs" or "rope" to improve your game when with your partner.


Aquarius zodiac person is a person who is fun and innovative. In fact, you are able to create experiences like "this is the first time" in every moment of making love with your partner. Missionary style will not be boring if you can play it with a little innovation.


Let your fantasies play a full role in every moment of making love with your partner. Feel free to share any fantasies you have with your partner and try them right away. You and your partner can play different roles but still enjoy them. So, what fantasy will you try with it?


The owner of this zodiac is a very likable person. Why? Because you are able to build good communication with your partner. You have excellent flirting skills so that you can provoke your partner's sensual side. In fact, your partner won't be able to hold back the feeling when you are "sexting" with him.

After describing sex styles at length according to the zodiac, do you feel a match with your personality? If so, give it a try. If not, ask your partner and find a style of lovemaking that each pleases both of you.